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Best US shows to learn English

Now that our governments have advised us to stay home we find ourselves with more spare time on our hands then we’ve been used to.

You definitely should use that time to relax and focus your energy on activities that bring you joy but at the same time this is a good time to improve your English skills.

We’ve made a list of 7 US shows that can help you to understand the language better and to learn some new vocabulary

Keeping Up with the Kardashians

Pretty sure most of you know this show but did you know that it is one of the best shows to learn English. The dialogs on the show are very easy to understand even if your English skills have gotten rusty. The tempo of the conversations is also quite mellow which allows you to follow them with no extra effort.

Language level: Beginners-Intermediate


There is probably no one who doesn’t know this show and if there is someone you need to educate them asap!

It’s quite easy to understand the the conversations but if your English is not very strong a few jokes will go over your head.

Language level: Lower Intermediate - Higher Intermediate

Malcolm in the Middle

Hilarious family sitcom about Malcom who has above average IQ and is the middle child. It’s quite a silly show with tons of jokes and entertaining plot lines. You will see some familiar faces on that show. You might even be surpised who you see ;)

Language level: Lower Intermediate - Higher Intermediate

The Office

We are talking about the American sitcom, adapted from the British series of the same name. In both cases (British or American), the story is the same: day-to-day life of office workers at a paper company.

It’s done in a fake documentary style which gives the show an original twist.

This show is known to have hardcore fans, so be worn, you might fall in love with The Office :)

Language level: Lower Intermediate - Higher Intermediate

Modern Family

This is a mockumentary family sitcom that follows three related families who represent 21st-century American family life. It’s a very light hearted and fun show with characters that you’ll fall in love with.

Language level: Lower Intermediate - Advanced

Stranger Things

Not sure if this show needs any introduction because when it came out no one could stop talking about it.

If you like 80s, sci-fi and a great storyline then this is the show for you.

Language level: Intermediate - Higher Intermediate

Mr. Robot

Mr. Robot is a show for people with very good English. There are a lot of monologues about politics, society and technology. You could even say that it has a bit of philosophical undertone. It is definitely a very interesting show that makes some very good points about the world we live in but it’s not always easy to follow, so keep that in mind and don’t get discouraged if you will have to rewind a few times.

Language Level: Higher Intermediate - Advanced

All of this shows have more than 2 seasons, so you’ll have plenty to watch!

To really improve your language skills try to watch as much TV or movies in English in stead of your native language, if that proves a bit difficult use subtitles.

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